proimages/Inside_Asmus/Production_Quality/LE01.jpgLeather is a frequently used material in designs for movie and video game characters, however, long has it existed a problem of short life spam. It is an inevitable fact that most of the synthetic leather will break and fall apart in 2~3 years due to the production necessity. And it has been a deal breaker for all 1/6th scaled action figures that are dressed in leather.


Asmus Toys has been aware of this problem, and in order to manufacture a long lasting collectible, we have decided to take action of costume making our own synthetic leather.


9 years ago, when we made Dante from Devil May Cry 4, we found a factory that was specialize in making synthetic leather, and it was then we had started working with the factory to develop a new type of synthetic leather that may sustain with intense playing and dressing, and will not fall apart. Till today, our 1/6th scaled Dante stands tall with its red leather coat in one piece.


At the production of 1/6th Aragorn figure in 2015, we took the experiment even further, went for a type of super thin synthetic leather with the same sustainability. This super thin leather helped to achieve the realism by scaled down a leather coat’s thickness into 1/6th scale. And so far, the coat is still in a very good shape.


Today, we are very proud to present you the Premium Leather of Asmus. It is thin as a paper but touches like a real leather, it is made in our 1/6th collectible figure clothing and promise will not fall apart in nature condition for at least 10 years.


This is Asmus Toys’ sincere dedication of pursuing best quality to the collectors, because you and our products both deserve it.