She is a teenage girl lives among the gutter of New York City,but what you do not know, is that her job is to collect bounty by killing the mugs and dirty cops in the street. The legendary teenage hit-man lived by the code name - "M"


    It is said "M" was the only survivor of a massacre of the family, her father, mother, sister and a 5 years old younger brother was brutally murder when she was only 12. Saved and trained by her mentor Leon, who taught her everything about guns and survive, "M" jumped into the business to avenge her family. During the pursuit of her vengeance , Leon was murder by the same dirty cop who killed her family. Haunted by her tragic life, "M" swore to wipe out all the dirty cops, drugs dealers off the street of NYC.


    The identity of "M" is a 15 years old girl was not know until the famous incident when she single handly walked into the DEA building, took out all the man without killing anyone, burnt a totally of 200 KG of heroin which was busted but was about to resold to the dealers and she walked away uncaught.


    By living a double life as a regular teenage girl, "M" enjoys movies, pop culture just as any other girl at her age, however, her unique sense of dressing does become the odd one out, well... like she cares.

    There is only one rule for "M" - no woman, no children and no man who prefer milk over wine.


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